Kate Upton shoots with Sabastian Faena for V Magazine

For the new magazine V Kate Upton goes on a photo shoot where she is made to look like a real housewife. She is not just any housewife. Kate is 10 times hotter than the average wife and thanks to this shoot she is looking as good as ever.
In the photo shoot has Kate wearing ball gowns and hanging out in a bedroom. The model was turned into a real housewife that she may have ended up as if her career did not become as big as it did. She is still glamorous and will get the attention of anyone in the room.

Kate Upton
The photo shoot was courtesy of Sabastian Faena and Kate was dressed in clothing from some of the top designers. She has on classy buy sexy gowns, heels, and even makeup. She looks like the dream housewife that anyone would love to come home to. In addition to the bedroom shots Kate Upton is also dressed up in the kitchen. Of course she is not doing any housework but rather making the home look good.
In her own home Kate is known for her love of animals. She has three rescue dogs and love to ride horses. She even hosted an event to raise awareness of all the animals in shelters that can be adopted. She wants to let people know that there are a number of dogs out there that need loving homes. The pictures that Kate took recently will be featured in V magazine which is set to hit newsstand soon.